Saturday, July 9, 2011

07/09/11 W3G Invitational Match

Our thanks to Clay Hayden for writing some fun stages for this match.  Competition was fierce among the top finishers and, after bonuses, 3 shooters were negative on the day. One of them, Doc Blondie, did it shooting Duelist. Here is how the top ten finished.

1  Fast Enuff  -49.44

2  Doc Blondie  -15.86

3  Kansan Open  -11.56

4  Sgt Poke R. Face  11.54

5  Clay Hayden  13.51

6  Yukon Jack  (WB)  35.24

7  Beaver  35.77

8  Zachariah Smith  37.91

9  Truly Goode   43.66

10 Snappy Dan  53.61

Shooters with the most bonus points were topped by Yukon Jack who scored 166 out of a possible 168. He was followed by Fast Enuff and Kansan who each scored 160 points and Sgt. Poke R. Face with a total of 158 points.

You can view the final match reports on the Orygun Cowboys Match Results page.