Sunday, July 31, 2011

07/29/11 - 07/31/11 W3G Annual Match

The 20th Annual Orygun Trail's End  - Western 3 Gun West Coast Championship is now over and what a great 3 day event it was!
Before providing our match winners, we'd like to  offer sincere thanks to those who made our match possible.

Our Many Volunteers:
Loden B. Kwik - Fearless Leader & Match Coordinator - Posse Leader - Match Booklets - Supplies -  Setup /Teardown - Side Match RO - Anything Else that Needed Doin'
Kansan - Fearless Leader - New Tables - Match Setup and Tear Down - Posse Leader - Friday Chili Dog Feed - Supplies - Scoring - Anything Else that Needed Doin'
Clay Hayden - Excellent Stage Design - Coordinating Stage Setup - Stage Setup/Teardown - Side Match RO - Posse Leader
Fast Enuff - Setup /Teardown - New Tables - Posse Leader
Red Ryder Rose - Prize Table Coordinator -  Setup/Teardown
Sgt. Poke R. Face & Missy - Lunch Saturday and Poke for Setup and Safety Coordination
Lodi Lefty - Lunch On Sunday - (The "Rats" and "Bobs" were KILLER good!)
Sandy Charm - Scoring- Supper Coordinator - Decorations - Setup /Teardown
JD Alan - Use of Life House Location for Supper and Arranging our BBQ - Setup /Teardown
Gawd Awful - Side Match RO - Setup /Teardown
Beaver & Kittie - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer - Videos
Little Doc - Wonderful Saturday Supper Entertainment
Chris - Great Match Photography
Truly Goode - Scoring - Awards - Photos and Video - Friday Chili Dog Feed
Lochsa Lon - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Sandy Charm's Dad - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Tex Twostep - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Lil' Bullseye - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Paisley Sage - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Marshal Bisley - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Orygun Okie - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Dawg Daze - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Hoss Reese - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Pepper G  - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Snappy Dan  - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Zachariah Smith  - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Toiful  - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer
Awful E. Nice - Setup/Teardown and/or Match Volunteer

***And thank you to too many of you to list for contributions to our prize table. Special thanks to Sandy Charm for her donation of the special Spirit of the Game award.

If we inadvertantly missed your contribution in this list, please know that your help WAS appreciated!

Match Results Summary

We kicked off our event with Side Matches at noon on Friday July 29 and we had a different winner for each event.  Congratulations to all.

Speed Steel - Zachariah Smith
Speed Rifle -  Gawd Awful
Speed Shotgun - Clay Hayden
3 Gun Blast - Hoss Reese
Cowboy Trap (Saturday Afternoon) - Loden B. Kwik

Main Match Western 3 Gun Category Winners:
Duelist - Pugilist
Gunfighter - Clay Hayden
Ladies Junior - Molly B. Quick
Ladies Open - Truly Goode
Ladies Shootist 30 - Kittie
Ladies Shootist 40 - Pepper G
Open  - Fast Enuff
Shootist 30 - Hoss Reese
Shootist 40 - Loden B. Kwik
Shootist 50 - Lochsa Lon
Shootist 60 - Sgt. Poke R. Face
Shootist 70 - Zachariah Smith

Bonus Bounty
The hard fought contest for winner of the $50 Bonus Bounty was Sgt. Poke R. Face with 300 bonus points out of a possible 306!  He was closely followed by Marshal Bisley with 299 bonus points!  Great shooting, gentlemen!

Stage Wins
Stage wins were evenly split between 2 shooters.
Fast Enuff  took 5 stages and so did Loden B. Kwik!

Open Category Winners:
1st - Fast Enuff  $150
2nd - Harley Ryder  $100
3rd - Beaver $50
1st - Truly Goode $150
2nd - Sandy Charm $100
3rd - Red Ryder Rose $50

Overall Ladies Winner and Western 3 Gun West Coast Champion
Truly Goode
Overall Match Winner and West Coast Western 3 Gun Champion
Fast Enuff

Spirit of the Game Award
Hoss Reese and Pepper G

Orygun Cowboys Match Results can be viewed on our website.

We were blessed with fine weather for July.  The temperatures were not as hot as in the past and we started early to spend as much time shooting in the cooler temps as possible.

It was great to have shooters from Southern Oregon and Bend join us this year. We hope to see you all again soon!

This was truly a fun event and we look forward to doing it again next year!

The photos and the videos of this match that you will find on our YouTube Channel have been provided by Truly Goode, Kittie, and JD Alan's wife Chris (Club Photographer Extraordinaire!)

For easy viewing of photo slideshows and videos of our events, go directly to The Orygun Cowboys YouTube Channel.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

07/24/11 SASS State Match - Bend, Oregon

Some of the Orygun Cowboys traveled to Bend, Oregon to compete in the SASS Oregon State Match hosted by the Horseridge Pistoleros from July 21-24.

Congratulations to all our shooters and especially to Fast Enuff who was the overall match winner and 2011 Oregon State Champion!  He also won the Master Gunfighter Shootoff!

Orygun Cowboy State Category Winners:
Fast Enuff - Cowboy - Oregon State Champion - 1st Place Overall
Gawd Awful - Gunfighter - 1st Place Overall
JD Alan - B Western - 4th Place Overall
Kansan - Senior - 2nd Place Overall
Orygun Okie - Senior Duelist - 3rd Place Overall
Red Ryder Rose - Ladies 49er - 3rd Place Overall
Sgt. Poke R. Face - Senior Gunfighter - 1st Place Overall
Truly Goode - Ladies 49er - Oregon State Champion - 1st Place Overall
Zachariah Smith - Elder Statesman - Oregon State Champion - 2nd  Place Overall

State Match Results can be viewed on the Horseridge Pistoleros website.

Special thanks to JD Alan's wife Chris for our match photos.

Orygun Cowboys Match Results can be viewed on our website and photo slideshows and videos of our events are available on our YouTube Channel.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

07/16/11 SASS Monthly Match

Congratulations to Loden B. Kwik who was the match overall winner!

Other Shooters in the Top 5:
2. Fast Enuff
3. Gawd Awful
4. Harley Ryder
5. Sgt. Poke R. Face

Welcome to Abacus from Renton, who shot with us while he was visiting our area.

Thanks to our volunteers and special thanks to JD Alan's wife Chris for our match photos.

Match Results can be viewed on our website and photo slideshows and videos of our events are available on our YouTube Channel.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

07/09/11 W3G Invitational Match

Our thanks to Clay Hayden for writing some fun stages for this match.  Competition was fierce among the top finishers and, after bonuses, 3 shooters were negative on the day. One of them, Doc Blondie, did it shooting Duelist. Here is how the top ten finished.

1  Fast Enuff  -49.44

2  Doc Blondie  -15.86

3  Kansan Open  -11.56

4  Sgt Poke R. Face  11.54

5  Clay Hayden  13.51

6  Yukon Jack  (WB)  35.24

7  Beaver  35.77

8  Zachariah Smith  37.91

9  Truly Goode   43.66

10 Snappy Dan  53.61

Shooters with the most bonus points were topped by Yukon Jack who scored 166 out of a possible 168. He was followed by Fast Enuff and Kansan who each scored 160 points and Sgt. Poke R. Face with a total of 158 points.

You can view the final match reports on the Orygun Cowboys Match Results page.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July - 4 Stage SASS Match

The weather could not have been better for our last minute July 4th shoot.  Those of us who had some time before our family cookouts and fireworks slipped away to ring some steel on Independence Day an we had a great time!

This was a simplified 4 stage SASS match that was scored only for overall position and the only awards were bragging rights. Taking top place overall was Fast Enuff followed by Kansan and Sgt. Poke R. Face. Top women shooters were Truly Goode, Roughcut Ruby, and Sandy Charm.   

It was nice to see some shooters we've not seen recently including two who have been unable to shoot with us in a while. "Welcome home" to Firefly and Max Brand.  It was wonderful to shoot with you.

Thanks to everyone who attended and volunteered and special thanks to those who showed up early and stayed late to move steel.

Special thanks to JD Alan's wife Chris for our match photos.

Match scores may be viewed at our website.

Shooter - JD Alan
More shooter videos from our July 4th Match, including a photo slide show, are available on our Orygun Cowboys YouTube Channel.